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25th June 2014

It's Sports Day tomorrow for all our children at Three and Four. Ante and Pre School coming together for lots of fun and races with a twist. Lets hope the sun continues to shine.  We will be very sad to say goodbye to some of our pre schoolers on Friday as they start their holidays before joining big school. With them going :( and with our new playrooms just about to open officially to increase our numbers we have a few spaces available for July and August, but hurry their seems to have been a wee baby boom a couple of years ago....................................


16th June 2014 

We are very excited about the opening of our extension at "Two" with two new playrooms our Sunshine Room and Under the Sea Rooms. We are going to be able to have some more children come and join the Nursery so hope to clear down our waiting list, but if you want to come along and join us to play then we may have some space as our older children move onto school.

Please call us on 01315575675 to arrange a visit.

We are redecorating the older playrooms now that the extensive building works have been completed and the children are LOVING the outdoor classroom and all the wonderful opportunities for outdoor and physical play this is providing.


7th June


We are mega EXCITED and can't really believe that Caitlin's dad raised £57248 for Yorkhill Children's Hospital. Yes I typed that in correctly £57,248.  THanks to all our Nursery parents and friends who supported our fundraising efforts towards this magnificent total. Its totally awe inspiring.


31st May

What a wonderful day we had at EAST LINKS COUNTRY PARK with all our children and parents. The sun shone, the animals behaved themselves and it was a very sociable and enjoyable day. The children at Two are now going to be studying the Farm so it linked in beautifully with our topic.  At Three and Four the children are continuing to track the Commonwealth Baton around the world and receive letters from all our correspondents around the world. We have skyped and communicated all over the world with parents friends and family.





How AMAZING is this:

The Edinburgh Nursery pays the salary for a teacher at our partner nursery in Lesotho South Africa , and the first group of children have just graduated December 2012.

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