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The Edinburgh Nursery

When you enter the Edinburgh Nursery you can be assured of a warm welcome, you will always be greeted by one of our staff who will be able to tell you what is planned for the day, tell you what has happened that day, or simply to answer any questions you may have. At regular intervals we hold Parents’ Evenings. These are informal sessions where you and the staff at The Edinburgh Nursery get together to discuss your child’s development. The Parents’ Evenings are an opportunity for you to give feedback and to discuss your child’s development and future needs.

Our Aims

  • We aim to know and respect each child and carer as an individual.
  • We aim that all our children are given the freedom and support within the Nursery to express themselves.
  • We recognise that each child is an individual and has a right to be responded to and be treated with genuine respect at all times.
  • We aim for children to become independent, to be encouraged to practise new skills and that they are fully supported at all times in exploring new experiences.
  • We recognise that relationships are influential and that they provide the basis for young children’s development and learning. We aim to make our relationships personal, individual and responsive.
  • We aim to work at all times in PARTNERSHIP with parents and carers and others involved in the child’s life.
  • We aim to foster relationships with CARERS and PARENTS that enhance the understanding of the child as an individual. All of our staff wear uniforms, yellow for students, blue for qualified staff and red for Senior Staff and Managers. We always display staff photos on our notice board and for all the units so that you will immediately recognise staff caring for your child.
  • All our staff are qualified or in college education and every qualified member of staff is also registered with the Scottish Social Services Council as professional childcare practitioners.

Many thanks for taking the time to come and visit us today. If we can provide any further information for you then please let us know.

How AMAZING is this:

The Edinburgh Nursery pays the salary for a teacher at our partner nursery in Lesotho South Africa , and the first group of children have just graduated December 2012.

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  • Zero : Broughton Street

    Creche at East London Street

    Ages: 0 to 24 months

  • One : East London Street

    Creche at Broughton Street

    Ages: 0 to 24 months

  • Two : Beaverhall Road

    Nursery at Beaverhall Road

    Ages: 2 to 3.5 years

  • Three : Beaverhall Road

    Pre-school at Beaverhall Road

    Ages: 3 to 5 years

  • Four : Broughton Road

    Pre-school at Broughton Road

    Ages: 3 to 5 years